Adrián Villar Rojas:

From the series Brick Farm

The Furnarius, best known as the hornero, is one of Argentina's most iconic national birds. This tiny animal builds its unique nest by using found materials, fashioning a minute, but thick-walled, cave fixed to the higher branches of the typical trees of the Humid Pampa, the central-eastern region of the country. Adrián Villar Rojas took this national architecture as a departure point for the production of a sculptural object that was an imitation of nature.

By returning to the same materialsmud and strawused by the hornero, Villar Rojas built a new nest by hand, making a direct connection to his work, where he usually built sculptures using clay instead of mud. The Brick Farma research camp settled in the outskirts of Rosario inside the property of a traditional brickworkswas the location, both geographically and artistically, that made it possible for this new investigation to take place, reflecting the layered and symbiotic relationships between all living creatures and their environment.

At Fort Tilden, the nestsa number of which could be found along the impressive hills and former batteriesalso highlighted the military history of the Fort, which was built to provide protection against a potential aerial and nautical enemy invasion from the ocean.


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